Thank you for choosing Paraiso Azul villas for your summer vacation in Evia!

We inform our guests that we observe all the necessary measures for the safety of your health using approved general type cleaners from the National Health

The measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 that must be observed by us customers and suppliers are the following:


Cleanliness is our priority – Disinfection in all areas


  • We use all the necessary means of personal protection that is gloves, face
    mask and disposable apron.
  • Hand sinitizers are provided in all areas.
  • After the check out, the villas remain open to be refreshed and sterilization lamps.
  • Please use the laundry bags to put the linen, the towels and mats in so that the staff will taken then away to the laundry area.
  • All the breakfast wrappers as well aw the kitchen equipment are disinfected with authorized by EOF (National Organization for Medicines) disinfection.


Further protection metres


  • In forbidden the entrance of people who do not occupy the complex.
  • The complex of villas do not accommodate people who under quarantine.
  • The complex is necessary to keep records of all occupants in case of a
    suspected coronavirus case considering all the regulations of GDPR for the protection of your personal data.
  • The complex Paraiso Azul villas do not cover you medically and medicinally in case of a suspected of a confirmed case of coronavirus.

The director of villas: Bouranta Maria
Phone numbers: 6985879500,6983814193