Purchase Order vs Invoice: What’s the Difference?

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difference between purchase order and invoice

Both documents contain key details about the order, mailing addresses, and rates. Today, there are many ways you can create and manage business invoices. With software, you’re able to quickly and easily create professional invoices. https://www.bookstime.com/articles/credit-risk It’s common for small businesses to forego using purchase orders until they start to grow and expand. One way to remember the difference is that POs come before the transaction and invoices come after the transaction.

  • It also helps with budgeting, particularly within departments of a business.
  • And it outlines the products or services required, including details such as quantity, price, and date of delivery.
  • Since not everyone is from an accounting background, it is quite understandable.
  • Understanding them and knowing how to use them together with your current system will help you achieve a successful business.
  • In contrast, an invoice acts as an official payment request sent by sellers to buyers once everything is delivered.
  • When Dan’s accountant receives it, he references that number and can see in the system that delivery was made.

It helps the buyer keep track of their purchases, manage their inventory, and ensure timely delivery of goods or services. Purchase orders typically include details such as the number of items required, the unit price, and the delivery date. They may also include any special instructions or terms the supplier must follow. Once the supplier receives the purchase order, they can prepare the necessary products or services and send them to the buyer. They play a crucial role in the procurement process and help to ensure that transactions are properly documented and that payment is received in a timely manner. An invoice is a commercial document that a seller sends to a buyer to request payment for goods or services.

Content differences between POs and invoices

A PO is a formal agreement between a buyer and a supplier outlining the order’s details, including the type, quantity, price, and delivery date. Invoices help to improve cash flow by providing a clear and formal request for payment. This helps to ensure that payments are made on time and that late payments do not disrupt cash flow. To begin with, purchase orders help to streamline the procurement process by providing a standardized way to request goods or services.

difference between purchase order and invoice

After the purchase order is completely filled out, the client sends it to the seller for approval. Upon approval, the purchase order then becomes a legally binding document. Although purchase orders and invoices contain similar elements, they are two separate documents that serve different purposes. Fortunately, you may eliminate cumbersome, paper-based operations with digital purchase orders and invoicing.


Among all the above terms purchase order number is something that may have tapped your mind at least once. This is a unique reference number that differentiates every purchase order from all others. One can find this big and clear over the purchase order form that helps in generating an invoice.

We hope you are now clear about the key differences use of invoices and purchase orders. And if you have a self-billing invoice arrangement, you have to create sale invoices even when purchasing. However, the invoice is generated before the service begins in some cases such as collecting advance, recurring billing, deposit, or partial payments.

Vencru: The Invoice and Purchase Order Creator

It can be found on the PO document to distinguish a purchase order from other orders. If you are a new business you must be curious to learn the difference between billing and invoicing. So, let’s look at them side by side and learn how purchase orders and invoices are different. Tracking expenses helps businesses to analyze where they need to spend the most and where they can cut it. Whether your business is in construction, landscaping, consulting, photography, auto repair, or the medical field, invoicing takes way too long. InvoiceOwl makes your invoicing faster and simpler so you can get paid promptly and without the hassle.

  • No matter what line of field you work in, every business needs to use POs and invoices at some point.
  • If there are any changes to the original order, a purchase order can serve as a reminder of what was originally requested.
  • On the other hand, a complete Magento POS system offers more advanced capabilities, including inventory control, supplier management, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Invoices can follow on from a purchase order once the order is complete.
  • Mentioning the number on invoices helps the seller charge the right amount for the goods.
  • Sending, receiving and settling invoices proves that both parties are communicating, while an invoice’s itemised nature keeps your business dealings transparent.

Let’s say you order 100 lbs of gravel from a vendor over the phone. You agree to a price, but upon delivery of your product, you’re billed a much higher price. Simply put, purchase orders are a tool businesses large and small can use to ensure they don’t go over their budget. Without them, it’s easier to lose track of expenses and make errors. So next, we’re going to a look at the differences between invoices and purchase orders and when you should use each.

What Comes Before A Purchase Order?

Spending can be tracked automatically and digitally, verifying where the money is spent while ensuring departments and employees are not overspending. We also have several accounting integrations that make it easy to reconcile your Tide transactions in your preferred accounting software. Fortunately, digital PO and invoicing help you avoid tedious, difference between purchase order and invoice paper-based processes. You don’t need paper, envelopes, ink or stamps, nor need to generate photocopies, which can get expensive if you’re issuing multiple POs and invoices every day. Using a digital solution is more cost-effective, secure and easy. Under cash basis accounting, revenue is recognised when cash is received (e.g., an invoice is paid).

The seller can also use this PO number when it’s time to send an invoice to the buyer. A purchase order provides a written record of the goods or services ordered, the quantity, the unit price, and the total amount due. If there is no purchase order, there is no written record of the transaction, which can lead to disputes between the buyer and the seller. The person responsible for creating an invoice in your company will depend upon your company’s policies and procedures. While in some companies, the accounting team is assigned to create the invoice. As a business, both documents are necessary for the purchasing process.

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If you need to pay international invoices, you’ll already know it can be a pain. Now that we know what the difference between a purchase order and invoice is, let’s break each down in more detail. An invoice order may contain the purchase order number for reference that validates that a certain order has been placed. So basically, a PO is for buying things, and an invoice is for paying after things are bought. To cFollow the steps above to create your invoice, or check out our free invoice generator.


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