The 8 Stages of Life: What Can We learn From Each One?

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Those with Down syndrome often have different physical characteristics and may be prone to physical problems like heart defects and hearing problems. Most individuals with Down syndrome have intellectual impairment, but the degree of this impairment varies from person to person. Having regular employee performance reviews can help keep employees aware of how they’re doing and visually see how they are progressing towards their goals.

  • The major stages of the human lifecycle include pregnancy, infancy, the toddler years, childhood, puberty, older adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and the senior years.
  • The trust at this stage is built by feeding the babies, comforting them, and of course, with love and affection.
  • It is also a time of cognitive change as the adolescent begins to think of new possibilities and to consider abstract concepts such as love, fear, and freedom.
  • If older adults don’t feel that they’ve lived a good life, they risk falling into despair.

At this stage the human being leaves behind the fantasy of previous years and begins to interact more with reality. Sentimental life is strong in this phase, experiencing new feelings (positive and negative) of those who previously lacked. During this stage, you learn to walk, manipulate objects with your hands, make sounds and talk. Although life expectancy was not always the same throughout history, people who died in old age also transitioned the epatas of the life of the human being that transited today.

What Are the Eight Stages of Human Development?

Every clinician and nurse managing pediatric patients should have appropriate awareness of referral service to early intervention for eligible patients. To navigate and thrive through these stages of life, you need to prepare yourself to take the lessons of one stage into the next. That way, you can keep growing into a happier, better version of yourself as you progress through the stages of life. Riegel proposes that personal development happens because of external and internal changes you experience in your adult life. If a young adult avoids intimacy because they are afraid of failure, disappointment, or commitment, they are likely to feel isolated and alone. Young adults may experience things like a quarter-life crisis.

7 stages of human life cycle

A healthy support network will help a teenager to develop the ability to form relationships despite potential differences. A teenager will explore the different types of roles that they can occupy as an adult. It is a period of all-consuming self-discovery, and this journey can be very confusing. Accomplishment and praise will make a child at this stage industrious.

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Developmental psychology is defined as a scientific approach to explaining growth, change, and consistency throughout a lifetime. It uses various frameworks to understand how people develop and transform throughout their lives. The goals of developmental psychology are to describe, explain, and optimize development to improve people’s lives.

In the last stage, the human being can feel bitter, fulfilled, or accepted as per the experiences of the previous stages. Early childhood is also referred to as the preschool years, consisting of the years that follow toddlerhood and precede formal schooling, roughly from around ages 2 to 5 or 6. A toddler’s fierce determination to do something may give way to a four-year-old’s sense of guilt for doing something that brings the disapproval of others. Within the framework of the circle, all elements connect with and relate to one another.

Enhancing Healthcare Team Outcomes

Start collecting employee feedback with Delighted Survey Templates. Those who are leaving may be more candid and honest – revealing truths and insights you can take action on. Employees develop at different rates, and as they do, they’ll discover new interests. Be sure to offer employees opportunities to continuously expand their skill sets. Organizations that build strong brands to attract customers can also translate that magnetism to attract new employees.

7 stages of human life cycle

If the screening tool reveals developmental delay, the child needs referrals to developmental pediatricians. Children up to three years with developmental delay are referred to early intervention programs, and children above three years of age are referred to special education services. Understanding normal growth and development milestones are important for a clinician evaluating pediatric patients. It isn’t easy to recognize aberrance if you are not familiar with normal. By using growth charts and doing the developmental screening, oftentimes, challenges in care can be identified early. Erikson has postulated eight stages of psychosocial development.


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